Prizzi, the town of the Devils’ Dance

Prizzi is a rural village in the heartland of Sicily, about 80 kilometres from Palermo. It is located on a mountain, over 1,000 metres above sea level. It has remained unchanged for years, surrounded by the uncontaminated nature and fresh air of the Sicani Mountains. It is a unique place that offers fascinating traditions and healthy and organic food within a friendly and sustainable environment. Of course, we make visitors feel welcomed and part of our community.
A walk or bicycle ride along its ancient routes (such as the pilgrimage one of Magna Via Francigena) or its uncontaminated mountainous paths makes visitors know the most authentic and natural part of Sicily.
So why not come to stay in Prizzi? Living in Prizzi is not expensive, and you can buy houses starting from 1 euro and stay in B&B, hostel or self-catering apartments at very good prices.

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Giuseppe Castelli